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Urban Music is an ever changing, always evolving  phenomenon that is world wide . Over the years the sound has become more melodic,powerful and intricate to the hard driving, head bopping drumbeats. The lyrics have become equally more complex, and thought provoking to capture the listener’s attention. Today’s music enthusiasts have tastes that range from the extreme to the conservative. However, the public has the power to create a living icon, or take away dreams just as quick. Therefore, an artist needs to be lyrically sophisticated, musically educated, and must be able to move the crowd, and keep the attention of their following through the good days, and bad. But Behind every good artist is a good engineers and producers, and the Real Music Group Studio is New york’s Return to dominance in this field


The Real Music Group in Queens, New York, is a recording studio that offers music production including recording, mastering, mixing and editing for up-and-coming artists.


We offer studio time, mixing, and  mastering services. Our recording studio also offers a package for mixtapes and albums


Engineer first, producer 2nd,Tim REAL Davis has been around music and into the music game since 8 years old, running a full fledge studio since the age of 18. From being in the studio, he always had a love for constructing “the Perfect Sound”. He has studied at Five town college, and is a graduate of the Institute Of audio Research, he’s  worked with some of the leading Artist and audio engineers of the music business,In The production field, he is as versatile with any type of music. He is proficient on all music programs, including Pro tools, logic, reason and a slew of other programs.   This man specializes in Sound Design.


Producer Extraordinaire, Biz Beatz is course of 10+years raised the bar of what it is to be called a producer. From Rap to R&B, Techno, toPop, Rock, there isn’t a genre of music  this man can’t make a beat for. What he creates is more than music, it is a experience.Known for his versatility, He has work with many well established artist in the music industry. Always willing and able, He can construct what you need in a production on the spot,Trust me , there are no comparison to  other producers.


Talent coordinator/Host of the plug inn/media director.. many titles ,but only one Mari Mar.. has been apart of Rmg studios from day one. he is the go to guy for all your needs of promotion.no project, to small or to big, he can get your numbers up,whether it is followers or album sales.As the host of the plug inn,he is bringing back that raw essence of hip hop back.giving up and coming artists a platform to speak to their fans and followers and established artist a new roundabout